Some Questions For Builder!

  1. can we change title bar color?
  2. can we set image in about this application menu?
  3. Can We add gif images on buttons?
  4. can we add gif images on screen background?
  5. can we add marquee text in-app?
  1. yes
  2. no, you need to create your own screen, or custom notification
  3. idk, but image on button is frequently ugly
  4. i’ve never tried
  5. I don’t understand the question I’m French (the translator translated : Can I add text under a tent in the application? :rofl:)
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haha but if you will add simple lights gif then it looks amazing

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changing title bar color and changing status bar color are available on only screen1

All screens have the same Title bar color and Status bar color.

This used to be, until New Better Crashing Unresponsive Buggy Makeroid came long and they changed it to be like App Inventor.

No one is forcing you to use Makeroid.

Having the same settings for all screens makes perfect sense.


I was describing new Makeroid as thats what everyone says.

I agree, I didnt say anything about it.

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