The ability to change status bar icon colors

Hey there,
While creating my app, I changed my status bar and the TitleBar color to white (status bar color grey to keep Material Design :slight_smile:.)

But the status bar icons will stay white. So the icons will disappear. Android Studio have an option for this, I used to use it. It is an essential on Makeroid.

There is no easy and fast way to do what you want.

What is it? I didn’t understand.

Issue described with a screenshot.

do you have a link to that feature?

Well… It is no issue in our builder… current it is not possiple to change the 3 dots icon to a other color IN OUR BUILDER.

I’m not talking about the 3 dots icon. The status bar icons. At the very top.(Clock location)

There are no any links for that. You are able to change via theme settings on Android Studio.

It is not possiple for us to change there colors.
So it is no bug.

Hmm, so is there another way you know I can fix that?

Unfortunately, you have to change status bar colour. Otherwise, the method to change the icon colour is to overlay a custom status bar which is beyond the scope of an app builder.

OK, thanks :slight_smile: