Change Gmail account associated with my community account

Hi all,
Is it possible to change the Gmail account associated with my community account? if the moderators or the staff can do it, that would be great

You can change it from Kodular dashboard.

cant see any option to change email

Yes, sorry, only moderators and :sweat_smile: admins can change it.

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dear moderators or staff if possible please change my email address ( i will provide my new email in pm) , I need to delete my Gmail id from which i am using my kodular by tomorrow due to some personal reason

Moderators can not but there is another option, sign up with another account and export all app AIAs and upload them to your new account

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but if I delete my gmail will my community account will be also deleted ? can the community account also be transferred ?

Account I believe won’t be deleted but you will no longer have access to communiy with this email


so you mean to say there is no way to change email for the community account , am i right

Yes, correct. I just got a reply from devs that this is not possible

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ok thanks for confirming

what about this

here it is written I can change but in the settings page there is no such option

Maybe the description is not accurate because as you can see there in no such option.