Change keyboard with textbox typeface

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I have a question, I am trying to change the typeface of a textbox from normal to password and viceversa but when I do it my keyboard change too. How can I resolve it? I need that the keyboard will be the same in both typefaces.

I attach my pictures:
These are my blocks:

This is when the typeface is 1

This is when the typeface is 2

You can see that my keyboard change, the emotes are hide and numbers too.

I’m curious about that. On my device the keyboard remains the same after switching. Look…






You have given this condition in Button click. It means app will at that time only. So instead of this block put it under when text box text changed block and try then let me know us

When input type is 1 that is normal so you can enter any text or string including emojis

and when input type is 2 that is password so you can’t enter any emoji and this is due to password that number column comes at the top . So now don’t worry and in password the entered text is not saved but if you do it normal the text is saved and the auto correct tab is also coming

Ohhh ok :smiley: I got it thanks for the explication

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Look that your keyboard change too with the emojis section, in normal type you can see them in password these are hide.

But aditya give us the explanation :+1:

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