Change Notifier's Number Picker's Text Color


I’d like to change te color of the numbers (from white to black) on the Number Picker, but it doesn’t work that way.
Any solution?



Is the"Light Theme" Designer property of notifier checked?
You can try to select the color of text from the Designer Property of Notifier,
although i don’t think it will change the color of number selector as it is not regarded as “text”. You can see that your title color is black as you wanted you text to be black
Try to use dark theme for whole app but cannot guarantee as there is no block to customize the “Picker”

The specific part is controlled by the theme it self, but if you check this thread you will see that themes are not as they should be

You can try with light or dark theme instead but you would probably have some other issues


So is it a Bug or IWant? :slight_smile: