Datepicker and time picker

Hi everyone, I wanted to know if it’s possible and how to change the colors of the datapicker and the timepicker. I did several tests without result

Why not show what you did?

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I would like to change the background color of this element

You have two choices (default, light theme) or dark theme but as it seems, it’s a bug in themes, drat!

Works only with light theme and you get this

and the pink color you can control with Accent Color

Btw, You have to build your app to se it



thanks for the boban answer, color accent is editable from the screen screen1? Quite right?

I tried compiling my app but when I try to install it gives me an error in analyzing the package !! :(:sleepy:

After you first install of your app, did you change your package name or is it the first time you install your app


It’s the first time I’ve tried to install it. this is a project imported from app inventor, it’s a problem?

Difficult to say what is the cause, what is your Min SDK in the app and your phones android version


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Community search There was a problem parsing


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seems to have managed to solve the problem by deleting the package name

filling out the application with a clear theme the background of the elements is white. I don’t understand why the color of the title bar text is black. If I set dark theme the text color of the title bar turns white. What am I doing wrong?

As I already mentioned

You need to know the differences between Themes

Dark Theme should produce this

Light Theme and Default Theme (also known as Light Theme with Dark Actionbar) should produce this

And the only difference between these two Light Theme and Default Theme should be this and nothing else

@Kodular don’t know if this is intentionally done from your side but should be corrected


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Which theme have which bug?

Default Theme


2 Examples: Default / Light / Dark (with APKs)

Android 9

Android 5 (Default / Light / Dark)

I have left all other settings in the designer at default and changed only the Theme.

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In other words, only the light theme works as it should


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Thanks @bodymindpower,

@Mika Since I use Light Theme most of the time I didn’t care about how the others looked however, I took a look and It seems that Default Theme and Dark Theme has shifted some theme part

Default Theme -> Button, Dialog and 3 dot Menu belongs to Dark Theme

Light Theme -> bright buttons should have black text as Default

Dark Theme -> Button, Dialog and 3 dot Menu belongs to Default Theme and bright buttons should have black text as Default, Action bar text color has two colors but should be white.



I want to get date picker Date as DD/MM/YYYY this format to calculate duration how Can I get that way…