Change Table Name with button

Hi, Koders I have a problem using airtable. The problem is that I want to change the Table Name with the click of button in the app. For example if I click “Nature” the Table Name of airtable should change to “Nature” and get its data.

But where is the problem? :thinking:

Set table Name …to “Natura”

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First i tried with buttons, then i tried this method. But both didn’t work. Any suggestion please.

Are you sure ? Did you "do It " ?

ooops sorry. I didn’t notice the word “View”. I will try and reply you.

Did you try verify table Name ?

how? can you explain little bit.

See my example I have a base in airtable named test that has 7 tables

To change the table see the blocks below. This will work only if all the tables have the same columns names. Otherwise you will have to implement an if, then statement in when List_Picker1.After Picing for example if selection is Table then set column name to …

Something he is not making clear, as changing a table name is not complicated. I don’t think he knows what he wants. Is it really changing the name of the tables?

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Actually you can not change the name of a table in airtable from app. You have to do it directly from airtable. As I read the post I understood that @Muhammad_Saeed wants to call different tables from listpicker :thinking:

Oh. Set table Name To does not work ? So you solved it … :grin:

I also did not understand.

I works as intended I believe. You can set spreadsheet’s properties (api, base id, table name, view name) either from designer or from blocks.

Sorry did not understand.
But does the Set table Name work?
You Works ou It ?

This can not created from app


From app you can set name for existing tables in base , it doesn’t work like firebase were you are able to create different buckets from app

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Yes, Thats my problem that i could not solve…

And Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. But I have change my method of calling the table name. Thanks again. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: