Change text color of a specific letter in a label

I want to change color of a specific letter in a label. For example I have a label and I set text to “test” So I want to change text color of only first letter which is letter “t”.
Is that possible?

Set the html property of the label. Use some html in the text property.
For example

You get this



Thank you.

Use two labels. Put both of the text in a horizontal arrangement. This will make it appear that it is the same continued text.

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Thanks for your reply, but in my app there is a full story. So it will be weird to put a new label for each word :sweat_smile:

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You could also use blocks for this.

This replaces all instances of “t” and change them to red.



Yes this one is easy! Thank you so much

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In your question you where also talking about changing only the first letter t. You can do that also.

Now only the first letter t gets red.


Thank you. BTW how can I change a specific letter to bold? Actually I am making a search bar :stuck_out_tongue:

use <b> and </b> around the letter or <strong> and </strong>.


Got it… thanks! :smiley:

Hi, How Do make only the first letter in HTML Format ?