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The “When Screen.Initialize” block puts Clock6 in the active state. Clock6 detects the current hour and minutes, if the total minutes value is between two values ​​(“left” and “right”) MUST perform the “fai1” procedure; if it is greater than the “right” value, the “fai4” procedure.
I wait, but it does not execute either “fa1” or “fai4”. If I exit the Screen and reload it, instead, it executes the procedures. I would like it to execute WITHOUT me having to exit and re-enter the Screen, which MUST remain active.
Germano Maniscalco from Sicily

Check conditional blocks carefully. I can see there is a parameter needed to be true to turn the clock on! Check if that’s working.

Also, use => and <= instead > and < wherever possible.

Also tried “= <”. How do you explain that if I close and reload the same Screen with the same code, the reload works?

Your information is not enough

Why not enough ?

Post all the relevant blocks.

already done, as per attached graphic file

If you give us enough info we could help you. This is your AIA, you only know what will print in all the global variables but we don’t if so how could we help you? How do we know at which situation your logic getting trigger in blocks?? Click on all global variables and Do it then share your result.

Else check up one by one blocks… one timer starter you should get value for every tick. Did you? If so which variable is that? And the value?

I think the problem is you have not called the the timer value when clock timers.

If you enable the clock mean you should get the interval into the logic then only you will get the foreground update else it will work in background and won’t see the live

On start you are saving the final time in tinydb and on screen init everyone it reads the final one so you see the colour change after the app close and open but not in live.

This is your problem…