Changes not saved

I have created an app and whenever I was running it it was showing a choose dialog in which changes you have made may not be saved was written.
And the options to choose are leave this page stay on this page.
Can you please help me in that.

What changes? In your app? Use Tiny DB to store things.

It was showing this.
Can you please help me.

Are you using webview in your app? If yes then are you loading any website in that, which ask user to enter some value or data?

What should i do now

You didn’t answered my question asked in my previous reply.

Yes i have used web view

Ok & what about this? :point_down:

Yes im loading a website in front of which i have putted an adfly ad.

Ok, i just want to tell that if the website loading in your webview is asking some data from users to enter, and if the user don’t save that value or data and attempts to leave that website, then such type of message is showed by the website itself.

l think this is not any error from Kodular or your app

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i know this issue its issue with website when you press back button it show and the website asking you for stay on this page and Leave this page

What should I do toprevent this.

what website did u enter in webview

Google and yahoo but i have shrinked that url and putted an adfly ad in that.

show ur blocks

thats the point change adfly url add only original links and if u want to earn from app put ur admob ads if ur problem is solved give solution to me

But what if i want to earn from adfly

i think u dont see this

I will give you solution but only when you will help me in putting that adfly link.