Changing color in the notifier

Hi. I have perceived that I can´t change the color in the notifier. The color is always gray. Is that a bug?

It’s not much of a bug. The option no longer works as we have updated the alert to a toast. We just forgot to remove the option.

As @Conor said it is no bug.
But i think it should be possiple too, to change the background color.

I will let you know after I have looked into the code.

It is possible, you can use setBackgroundDrawable. So just convert color to drawable and that’s it

There is a lighter possibility.

Hmm, I dont think so. StackOverflow doesn’t have any other method than this or setting Toasts view to Textview & chabging it’s properties

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Done. The background color property will come soon along with other new properties. @Mika

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Yes. I have worked on new things for the notifier component. :slight_smile: