Changing component name in the designer doesn't change it in the related blocks

Describe your issue:

Like title, changing component name in the designer doesn’t change it in the related blocks in the blocks editor.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Create a component (or screen)
  2. Rename the component (for screen you have to rename it manually from source)
  3. Go in the blocks editor and see the issue…

Expected Behaviour:

Blocks should rename themselves…

Actual Behaviour:

In case components name are changed this will cause errors…
In case of screens, the screen blocks doesn’t execute

It seems to be working fine for me.

  • I dragged a Button into the designer.

  • Dragged the Button1.Click event into the blocks editor.

  • Renamed the component from Button1 to Button2.

  • The event renamed to Button2.Click.

Which browser are you using? I tested on Chrome.

Firefox 57

Tried also with Microsoft Edge and it does the same…
Maybe is caused by the Thunkable aia? :thinking:
Here it is the aia: thunkable_School_Life_Diary.aia (1,0 MB)

I also tried with a new project and it works… so is definitely the aia!

The new Firefox seems to have lots of issues with all App Inventor distributions :confused: Unfortunately, with Microsoft Edge I’m not even able to connect to the companion. I also have issues with specific Thunkable projects btw. I think they somehow got corrupted…

Yeah… See my reply above:

We suggest to use Google Chrome or Opera

I think I found the problem: only renamed screens cause the issue.
So, to fix this you have to manually edit your aia.
Go into the file .scm of the renamed screen and change the value $name with the new name.
Do the same with all the occurences in blocks in the .bky file. (I suggest to use the Notepad++ feature Find and Replace)

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I’ll try it and I will post it here if it works