Changing the color of the card does not work until after clicking

my block

i am used test mode 5.0 android
i will explord apk after same time

any people can test this

this is do not work but

if click card viwe this color change

i am add Layout in card viwe
and set Fill parent
and change color layout

Let me see your aia, i think there is some mistake

I just did a button and this is it
You can try it

I will try that in my app, And if that works inform you,

you put button inside cardview share blocks and design first this is not enough

I know :sweat_smile:
Try it and tell me about it

Don’t interested for trying i just want to help you

This solution I use

Right now card view background colour is not working. Its a bug. Please wait for update & also one thing that when you click on button to change the colour. After minimize the app & reopen it you will get that colour is changed.
So it’s a bug…



Finally one understands me

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You can use normal arrangements & from properties enable iscard. It also like card view…

Powerful solution

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But my one is more useful. Because for that you don’t card view. Rest all on you bro…