🔥 Chat app aia file for makeroid

(Shubham Atole) #1

Name of app: Chat App

Describe your app: This aia file work in thunkable and app inventor and helps to build a chatting app.The app is connected with firebase and chatting is done on real-time. This app is very simple to handle. Firstly you have to select the username for you and also select the one emoji character for you and click on chatting button to start chatting. The app can help to create a chatting system in your app.Also, it helps to create a request and complaint system in an app.The chatting system is important for every app and you can also use this aia in makeroid and appybuilder. This app UI is great and you can place ads in chatting.


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(KrishuTech) #2

Well Done
Thanks for sharing.aia

(A Tech) #3

Well done
Nice contribution

(Philipp Lang) #4

I wanted to add Chat rooms but firebase is not my world. can someone help me out. It would be nice if i can add more chatrooms. For different questions different rooms. I know i can make a new screen and make a second account and change the settings but this is not that i want.
Thanks i know that this is not much work and take only 5 inutes if you know how top work with firebase

(Nathan) #5

Use the same functions jist different project buckets on the Firebase bf component.

(Eugenio Casale) #6

I made a chat app with different chat Room (Just use different tag in Firebase)

(Philipp Lang) #7

can you show me a screen shot with the blocks pls. That would be nice. Thanks

(Eugenio Casale) #8

I dont have the file right now, but is simple.
-Just make a Chat List on the Main Page.
-When a Room is picked from the List, call Firebase and put the name of the Room picked as start value, within username,profile photo ecc
-Also give different Tag for storing elements into Firebase ex Tag1 ChatRoom1 Tag2 ChatRoom2

opening a new screen (Chat screen)
-When the chat screen is opening, call Firebase, take your start value and put the data in your layout. Your different chats (tag) will be loaded into your chat viewer (Personally using labels) depending on the choice – picking the list

-When an user send a message Just load It in the right Firebase Chat (Tag)

(Nikhil27B YT) #10

Thank You Bro

(Philipp Lang) #11

you know how to make a person to person chat, because i had made me a chat with the new chgat view and it works nic, i have a lot of rooms and i can send img files and so on but i dont understand how to make a private chat thata the user can chat with all other users in a private chat.

(Nikhil27B YT) #12

bro i dont know but you can be make with firebase

(Philipp Lang) #13

yes but how?