Chat app issue with firebase

I am creating a group chatting app where you can create groups using peoples email and I need help with the firebase database.

maybe help

You can not use email address as tag because of @ in it, try using something else like user id

I have ran into that error that is why in my code I have removed the part

Thanks but I’m not trying to make the chatting part but the part where the user can create groups using peoples email

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Give a textbox where they can put the name of the group, once the they input the name of the group they want to create and click enter, store the name as a tag in firebase,

Now the tags are the Groups, when a user click on any tag, he can chat in that group

That is more or less what i have doneChapp.aia (248.3 KB) exept I used the emails as tags and stored a list of group names

In 1st block…
Firebase athentication block( current user sucess)…
use split text block with add item to list block because “globel list” is a empty list…

Thanks to everyone that helped but I found a solution!

can you share your solution, so that others also can use it

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