Chat App with Firebase and ListView

Hi, i’m working with my friend to make a chat application group thanks to Firebase Database. I know there is the new Chat View System but i prefer to use classic Scrollable Labels for chat text.
Now our problem is : we want the user can create a group chat by name and code, but we have difficoulties to make the list and update the last index with the name of the last group created.
Other users should see the updated list at each refreshing page button pressed.
The question Is :
How can i store to Firebase a list of all the created groups, and then retreive it into a ListView?? And How to take the value each time the user openen the app? (So he can sees all the chats avaiable?)

Thank you for your help

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Create group namebas tag name . & chat code as value… So that when you call firebase db taglist you will get all the available rooms…

You just need to play Buckets and Mother Tag and child tag Search the community, someone already done it, as just you understand the block, it is easy to implement a group chat…

Sorry i did not understand. Can you show me some block or how can i do?

Please i already searched on this community but nothing that can help me.

here How to use chatview with firebase? this is basic step up to learn the chat system using firebase