Chat View auto detect Links/Url in a message

I am creating a Chat App

  • I want that if a user types/paste any link/Ural (eg: in the chat message. The
    Chat Message (that contains the Ural/Links) automatically change colour to blue

  • And also When the Ural/Link is clicked it open in Chrome Custom Tab/Web Viewer just like
    WhatsApp or Telegram.

Is that possible and if then how?

Two Questions

  1. How to change text colour to blue if it contains Links/Ural
  2. How to make links Clickable (ie: When a link is clicked it open in Web Viewer or Chrome Custom Tab)

Any other suggestion to make a better Chat App is Highly Appreciated

Thanks for answering

Use regular expression extension to detect if a sentence contains URLs. Seach Regex in taifun extension directory

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I didn’t get it. If you can explain with some blocks, how it gonna help me.

That would be great.

download the ext here


An example


Pls post the pattern again, in the block the pattern is not complete


If there are multiple links then This method will work or not?

Why won’t you try it ?

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