Explore the url within a piece of text

How to find out the url in a piece of text and store that url inside a variable

like this text :point_down::point_down:

“Support me guys
ببجي (جيم النحس) - YouTube
This is my channel subscribe”

Where do the text present ?

Display the text in chat view

You want to check whether the piece of text has the URL, and if it does, store the URL? Is that one specific URL or generally any URL?

Store the url inside any text (generally)

Like hyperlink?

like this


This is what I tried to do, but if the text contains words other than the link, an error occurs

May be you could try this

I am sorry that my English is weak, but this is not what I simply want. I am designing a chat application, and I want when sending a message with a link, it is highlighted in blue, and when I click on it, it is converted to the link

I want help. I tried a lot, but I couldn’t
I want to discover links within texts