Chat View in Kodular

Hi. I have been trying to use Chat View component in Kodular and it is asking me for a “component” to get a message. When I try to ignore it it shows me an error and when I put the component as Chat_View1 it says some js problem saying it was 8192 bytes or something. Plz help

It accept visible components. I never used Chat View so I am telling you from the docs.
This block helps you to show a component(visible) in message. And you can’t pass chat view to it as it is invisible

Visit here


Yeah, but what if I don’t want a component?? Do I still have to provide one for it to run? Thanks for replying by the way :slight_smile:

If you dont want to show a component in message then why you are using that block?

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you’re right, i didnt see the other block, thx so much for ur time and sry lol

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