Chat View Keyboard Problem (Keyboard Hides The Messages)

Hi Everyone

I’m Using The Chat View Component For Making Chat
There Is Below That A Textbox For Typing

The Problems Is That When I Enter The TextBox And Open The Keyboard
The TextBox Still Showing Above The Keyboard But The Messages Getting Hide Behind
The Textbox And Keyboard

When I’m Not At The Bottom Of The Chat It’s Not Supposed To Happened
But When I Did In The Bottom Of The Chat It’s Supposed To But It’s Not

Keyboard Close:

Keyboard Open:

For me it is not scrollable.

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@vknow360 What Not scrollable? The Chat View, You Can’t Swipe If The Messages Takes More Space Than The Screen?

@eyalgeron1 I think that if your keyboard is visible then message does not goes up and gives space for keyboard.If this is your problem then make chatview scrollbar.


@vknow360 HI, The Scrollbar Option Just Dsplay A Side-line That Shows Where You’re In The Chat
I Check It’s Not Changed That Problem

It’s Still Have Hided The Messages