Chat View not completely deleting messages

Hello, I used chat view when I try to delete a message. Only the message part is deleted but user image stays there . Please fix it. Also tell me an alternate way till it is fixed.

Don’t use usernames in a first post of a topic to get attention. I deleted it.

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Okay, now when I got your attention. please answer this :grinning:

Show your blocks please :upside_down_face:

I am using simple remove message block and providing the message id. It should delete full message along with user image but user image stays there.

Are you using some type of database for the ChatView?

Something similar happened to me when I used Firebase

I added tiny db to the project but didn’t used it for chat view. Actually I wanna make an app with chat view , before starting I am checking all blocks for understanding their working .

I think there is a small tutorial on YouTube of how to make a Chat application in Kodular using Firebase :thinking:

Later I will experience that of deleting the message, maybe it can really be a mistake

My blocks are below :

And here are screenshots

Before deleting message

And after deleting message

look message is gone but user image still there.
I can also set user image to empty but it still takes empty space in between msgs.

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@Mika sir, please help

Really very strange :thinking:

Maybe someone from will know something

Please see the post and fix it for next update. Or tell me if I am doing a mistake somewhere .

I removed the usernames. This is not the way to get attention. Developers look at every topic.

Okay, I was just ensuring that they take a look and if it is a bug, it should be get noticed.

Everybody is fighting for attention on the community. Don’t be afraid, developers see everything. That doesn’t mean you will be helped immediately. Developers have their own schedule in which they repair possible bugs. So you just have to be patient. But i see a lot of users who don’t know what that is. :sunglasses:


I know, I have much patience. I just wanted the bug to be resolved in next update. Delay in help is no issue for me. But now you told me that developer look at every post, I am relaxed. I will not include any developer now onward.

It didn’t get noticed Else it could be included in this update. Now will you pass on this to kodular staff for next update. @Peter SIR

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i have the same issue but still doesn’t find any solution.

I also have the same problem. I also noticed that the ID of the message (which should be deleted) was not deleted (and then if I create another message with the same id I deleted and then I want to set something to the same id then the deleted message will change and not the new message with the same id)

I Have The same issue :sob:

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