ChatView bugs and advice

Sometime when I use the ChatView, It won’t scroll down to the bottom. It some time will scroll down to the second to last untill I scroll by myself.I use the random number for its ID. Is it the reason?

I hope I can set the chat bubble’s width to the text’s width if it just has one line.

show me your blocks i had the same problem

Problems are solved in next release.
Then will the message width only the needed text width.
The chat message width will be set automatic correct.

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But, in fact, for the same text, it has different width

I want it maybe like this

Read my answer again…
It will be fixed in NEXT release

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Oh sorry… I was misunderstanding :sweat_smile:

Also if we can change round angle, that must be very good :stuck_out_tongue:

The round angle can not be changed.
This makes a library we used for that option


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