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Sometime when I use the ChatView, It won’t scroll down to the bottom. It some time will scroll down to the second to last untill I scroll by myself.I use the random number for its ID. Is it the reason?

I hope I can set the chat bubble’s width to the text’s width if it just has one line.

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show me your blocks i had the same problem


Problems are solved in next release.
Then will the message width only the needed text width.
The chat message width will be set automatic correct.


But, in fact, for the same text, it has different width

I want it maybe like this


Read my answer again…
It will be fixed in NEXT release


Oh sorry… I was misunderstanding :sweat_smile:


Also if we can change round angle, that must be very good :stuck_out_tongue:


The round angle can not be changed.
This makes a library we used for that option

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