Chatview view problem when orientation changed

Hello i want to know what i can do? If i get a msg in the chat and i have the orientation in landscape and then you turn your phone back to normal, you dont see the picture of the chat partner . because in landscape is the chat dialog longer as in normal mode. Yoe see untilto the end of the display the dialog elemet and the picture is cutted.

same problem

no thats not the same problem my proplem is that i dont see the picture if i get the msg in landscape and changed to portrait modus.

Just use a fixed screen orientation. Portrait or landscape mode. That’s it.

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yes this is the easiest solution but what is if the user wants to change it for the chat. Than he cant

For me personal makes chats only sense in portrait mode.


for me too because it looks better but you know people, if there is something what they can say bad about it, than they do it. each tiny issue is a big problem for them.

Then make them understand what @Mika said :smile:

What about to make an if statement? if change of screen orientation then reload chat? Then chat would appair correct in that orientation in use?
I have not tried, it’s just a suggestion to try :blush:


Problem is solved in next release

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