Check if a user is using a VPN - Guide

Detect if the user uses a VPN

Today I’m gonna show you how you can check an user’s IP and see if they are using a VPN without any extension and without a limit.

Step 1

Drag 2 web component into your screen.
image image x2
leave the settings for the first web component.
For the second, put this as url :

Step 2

:warning: This part of the guide is outdated, please see Check if a user is using a VPN - Guide - #5 by ShadowDEV_fr

Go into the blocks screen, and drop the following blocks:

blocks(6) blocks(7) blocks(8)

Step 3

It works! Leave a like if this helped you :slight_smile:


thank you for your contribution!

further reading concerning the services used see here:



Yeah, I’ve forgotten to put it on my topic

(btw I love what you do and I day thank you for your extension directory, i’ts very useful, maybe try and put a more “modern” design?)


This does not work for me. Returns -5 no matter if I am using a VPN or no

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Strange :thinking: seems like they changed their API or smth…
I found another API:
You can parse the result with the JSON component, and get the “type”

Here with nordvpn:
I am connected to the belgium server, and you can see that in the “type” return “VPN”
image (I’m using ubuntu so yeah)

Without a VPN it will output "type": "Residential"

So from this you can check if the value of “type” is a VPN.

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Cool, it works, sometimes. Here’s when I am connected to another server

Their server is probably hosted with Azure

Maybe :thinking:
Well you just have to test if “type” is “Residential” maybe it’ll work better

Please make a Extension