Check if a user is using a VPN - Guide

Detect if the user uses a VPN

Today I’m gonna show you how you can check an user’s IP and see if they are using a VPN without any extension and without a limit.

Step 1

Drag 2 web component into your screen.
image image x2
leave the settings for the first web component.
For the second, put this as url :

Step 2

:warning: This part of the guide is outdated, please see Check if a user is using a VPN - Guide - #5 by ShadowDEV_fr

Go into the blocks screen, and drop the following blocks:

blocks(6) blocks(7) blocks(8)

Step 3

It works! Leave a like if this helped you :slight_smile:


thank you for your contribution!

further reading concerning the services used see here:



Yeah, I’ve forgotten to put it on my topic

(btw I love what you do and I day thank you for your extension directory, i’ts very useful, maybe try and put a more “modern” design?)


This does not work for me. Returns -5 no matter if I am using a VPN or no

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Strange :thinking: seems like they changed their API or smth…
I found another API:
You can parse the result with the JSON component, and get the “type”

Here with nordvpn:
I am connected to the belgium server, and you can see that in the “type” return “VPN”
image (I’m using ubuntu so yeah)

Without a VPN it will output "type": "Residential"

So from this you can check if the value of “type” is a VPN.

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Cool, it works, sometimes. Here’s when I am connected to another server

Their server is probably hosted with Azure

Maybe :thinking:
Well you just have to test if “type” is “Residential” maybe it’ll work better

Please make a Extension

any alternative for this ? This was very easy to implement in the app, now its not working, any kodular staff please help

Ssarch the extensions directory for an extension


You may give this a try:
com.django.djvpnchecker.aix (5,4 KB)

Edit: This is no official extension, just a helper extension for you to test if this solves your issue.


Is this the first time you are publishing this extension?
Up to now it is not in the extensions directory…
Could you please start a new thread in category #extensions to publish the extension including a short documenation?


Thankyou and please do documentation for this as suggested by Mr.Taifun @Taifun @Django_s_Android_App

This extension has only one method that throws out a boolean, True or false.
But the question is:
Does it solve your problem or not?
BTW, in times of restriction to 5 extensions for a non Premium user an extension shouldn’t have only 1 method :wink: So I wouldn’t release it.

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don’t worry about that…
there are also other builders… and MIT App Inventor does not have any restrictions…


Screenshot 2024-06-09 014015

Can i use it in this way ? or can you please show your blocks arrangement… @Django_s_Android_App

No, you have to use boolean true or false blocks or just remove them completely like this

if DjVpnChecker.IsVpnActive
then close application
else open another screen ...


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blocks (1)
And don’t forget to tell if it works for you.

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Thank you for your fast response, this one does the job :grin: @Django_s_Android_App @Taifun