Check My Quiz App And Give Me your Review

App Name: Quiz Hunter (Development in Progress)

Dynamic Quiz App With Different topics (Currently I Added only 3 quiz)

  • 10 Seconds for Each Question
  • Maximum 50 Questions Per Quiz
  • Max 08 Minutes Alloted per Quiz
  • Questions and Answers are managed from Airtable Spreadsheets
  • Clean & Simple UI
  • Coins System
  • Profile Page with Full Details (Under Construction)
  • Daily Top 3 Winner
  • Weekly Quiz Competition (Under Construction)

Download App: Quiz Hunter


What do the coins do?

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You should change status bar color.


And also the title looks very simple and the color doesn’t look good


You should keep status bar and navigation bar colour same which you use or going to use in your first screen

Currently navigation bar colour you kept in your login screen but after that it changes to black

This i think dose not looking good

But you should check what others say about that

Coin is Virtual Currency Which Used for Play Quiz.

Thank You @WatermelonIce @msr79526 @Soham_Shah and @CJcorp for guide me. I definately follow your suggestions.


Nice ui, fix some spelling mistakes.
False~flase in your home screen

Thanks @Vedang, I Fix it now. thank for guide.

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Hello can you send me aia?


This user only has 2 posts and both of them ask for aia file.

Nice UI desgin
But I get some error

  1. I getting coins in minus
  2. I getting following error when questions are loading

He must disable buttons while loading…
BTW, nice ui

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Yea im not logged in always, and what is the sole purpose of your comment? i just like to see what others created and learn from them

Thank You for Inform me. I Definitely Solve it soon.

Sure I change it. Thnx for inform

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