Check whether component in arrangement

Is there any way to check if an arrangement has any component it?


No there is no way, but you can listen the activity in Arrangement by Scroll Arrangement Handlers (v2+) · Appinventor/Thunkable Extensions

Could you please tell what is it that you wanna achieve? There might be an alternate method to do the same

I have used this extension:

I want to drag and drop only one component in an arrangement so I want to check whether one arrangement has a component already or not.

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When you drag the component into the arrangement store them in a list or dictionary,
which component was dragged to which arrangement and by doing so you can check where a particular component is and whether there are any components in the arrangement

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Thank you!

Now I am having another problem - How do I detect whether a component has been taken away from an arrangement?

When you drag out delete the component from the last arrangement in the list/dictionary

But the dictionary I made does not have the component either as key or value. So is there any other way?

Then what keys and values you are storing?

Create a dictionary with arrangement as the keys and the component thats inside as the value so when you set a new value for the key the last value will be automatically removed.

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