Check whether text is a valid hex code


How would I check if a text (that will be input by the user) is a hex color value? I need this to only allow valid hex values.

Thanks in advance.

I solved this in my own way but would still like to know if there is a better way:

I just created a list with each value that can be in a hex color value and check whether each letter in the text is in the list. If they are then I continue.

Why not post what you have done so others can learn.

The rules to be a valid hexadecimal code are:

  1. It should start from ‘#’ symbol.
  2. It should be followed by the letters from a-f, A-F and/or digits from 0-9.
  3. The length of the hexadecimal color code should be either 6 or 3, excluding ‘#’ symbol.

I did Peter, In the second line I describe my method. I will add my blocks as soon as I complete further checks (length, inclusion of ‘#’ etc)

This is what I am doing, apart from the 3 values at the moment. Thanks for the info!

Your welcome!

I hate posting my blocks since Im very messy and probably dont work in the most efficient way but here it is.

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