Checkbox selecting from different sets

i has a table arangement. in two colums a and b. i has many checkbox in a and b.

i has 2 blocks that each says “when any checkbox is click” for eech sets. but it give error said it is duplicat. how i can put my bloc so i can do as i has many such colums.

if confusion is ther. u see this block picher. Capture

this pictur shows radiobuton1, 2 3, and 4.
simlrly i has rb11,rb12,13,14 in anodher colom. each seprate. plese help.ty

Can you screenshot of what error occurred? I can’t see any problem here.


see ths

only 2 blocks is ther. i get duplicat eror. naturely.

If that’s happen, just put one of the for each item to another one, because the invoke block cannot have two or more.

Plese i not understood

join these two , only one when any radio changed can be used.

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Plese note. This is sample of 2 coloms. I will hav many coloms. Eech colom has 5 buotons. So many buotons. How I can. Let I think

Use only 1 when any radio button changed block and in that use as many for each item in list block you want

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Wish to thanx watermelonice and the soham and others all. Ty

Ser please help. I can’t sent png now itself.

This is how it luk

This is blok

Problems is if 1 buton of one colum is selkt then I canot select any buton in secand colum. Bloc is traeat as if al butons one set. No. Eech colim is difrent. I thinks that I has explaned korekt. Plese you help

add if-else condition.

5pm… hi ser i has aded this

i t seeems to work. trying still. but. else condition is empty in each case. is it ok.
6pm…i think it is rong. i wil try own also. your help aprecated.
8pm…i am confes it is too hard for my mind. I tried the bloc. 2 types. It not work. Really need bloc. I has tried. I can’t get. Please help.

Add you blocks in for each item in the list.