Checkbox un-/checked status not saved via Tiny_DB (correctly)

I have just imported an AI2 project into Kodular and noticed a very strange result. Apparently there is a serious bug with the Checkbox component. If a Checkbox is checked in the Designer, saving the Checkbox.Checked status via the Tiny_DB does not work.

It is a mystery to me why almost nobody seems to have noticed this before, or should I have missed something.


Of course, this bug does not exist in AI2.

To check this: checkbox_bug.aia (8.7 KB)

This bug should be fixed. Until that is done, disable Checkbox.Checked for all Checkboxes in the Designer to work around the problem.

Probable cause:
Apparently the setting in the Designer is executed before Screen.Initialize, so that the Checkbox.Changed event is triggered automatically at / before Screen.Initialize and thus the TinyDB is overwritten.


Can please someone add this to the Bugs Tracker. → @Taifun or …


Added to our to-do list :+1:


Any explanation on this?



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That’s me!!