Chicken-Crisis Day

Ever since 2015 I have been creating at least 4 apps and since I have a busy life I barely have time to build apps…but something happened which put me to the boiling point…My apps have been deleted on google play for No reason, I double-checked the policys checked to see if I abused there (Guidelines) and I didn’t break NOTHING…the apps I have created were a texting app, Drive safety app, Encrypted password manager app, Weather app…Years of hard work down the drain…

Why am I talking about this if it was a year ago…Today was the day last year that i found out my apps were deleted

I called this day “Chicken-Crisis”

But it wont stop me from making apps…And that 25 dollar one-time fee for google play :laughing:

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Permissions? Privacy policies? Abusing ads? Copyrighted material? Name of the app being too similar to another? Two or more accounts?

I know Google Play doesn’t take down apps for no reason. You probably had an email stating why it happened, right?


My apps were custom made by me, 24 hours of hardwork and at least 400 cups of coffee, And no email for the reason why

Copright was not the issue because i custom made the images and if i did needed to take a image i go to a site that is copyright free, My apps don’t use a account unless you’re talking about the Password manager app which i didin’t use google login or facebook login as a option.

But it was a year ago i’m trying to rebuild the apps that have been lost…

I didin’t use ads i use donation via paypal or other donation sites

please have a look toward numbers, the are not health friendly


It was a joke :chicken:

I have a werid sense of humor

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When is the last time you updated the apps?
The minimum API requirement has changed several times:

Lets see…I updated summer of 2017 and the apps were deleted by fall of 2018

Edit note: been a year and almost forgot :laughing:

similar 3 accounts banned for no reason and no any details for deleting account, but we are still working on apps,

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