#CinelarTV, a digital streaming platform


“Just worry about what to see. We take care of the rest”

Since I announced the pause for the development of CinelarTV, I have thought, researched and tested several ways to design an application as complete and modern as possible.
That is why today I come to announce that CinelarTV continues its development, therefore I will continue to show the progress of the project

A new design

During this time I learned a lot about CSS, and thanks to the WebViewer component and its ability to load HTML I was able to create better designs and implement several animations

There will be a site where design suggestions will be accepted following the guidelines and the color palette very soon

CinelarTV Player

This was my biggest design challenge within an application.
My goal is to create a good user experience, from the opening of the application to the moment of reproduction.
That is why CinelarTV Player does not have the same design while being paused or playing


I decided to do something simple and that I have not seen in another application (Inspired in some way by SmartTV designs)


CinelarTV Player would not be possible without the HLSPlayer extension by @Said-Dev :smiley:

Home Screen

For the design of the main screen I wanted to do something simple but with a touch of elegance

With a simple 4-button navigation bar: Browse, Search, My Collection and Account

A simple Slideshow and RecyclerViews that are created dynamically



Dynamic RecyclerViews use Glide to load images from the network asynchronously and cache them

Also have a subtle overlay, rounded corners and Custom Fonts (Visible only in APK)

The RecyclerView extension has been made by @salazar6cristopher for CinelarTV, and i use Dynamic Vertical Arrangements created with the Dynamic Components extension by @yusufcihan to initialize RecyclerViews.
Thanks! :slight_smile:



The highlight is what usually catches the attention of users, so I have implemented a Slideshow that will show the most prominent content in the application

Slideshow was made using the ColinTree Slideshow extension and the Overlap Components tutorial by @Shreyash :slight_smile:

Login Form

Every application should authenticate its users, CinelarTV uses its own login using the Laravel API of our custom backend

I know you have noticed and it is not a mistake :wink:
For security reasons the registration can only be done from the corresponding website.

For now I can not show more progress, but do not worry, very soon you can see them :innocent:

#HappyKoding :kodular:


How can we use it ?

:pushpin: Temporarily paused project

cinelartv_continued The development of CinelarTV has been continued


Added “RecyclerViews” section :slight_smile:


Hello #Koders! :kodular: :slight_smile:

Today I come to bring you the news that I have officially published “CinelarTV Core” on GitHub :github:, from this repository you can contribute, report bugs or experience for yourself through a local environment


Over the next few days I will update the README and provide proper installation instructions, plus API documentation

Note: Only “Core” is available to the public, we think it is enough to test the basic functions


Any developer interested in contributing can freely join CinelarTV Community, we have an exclusive category available for development


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I have posted Installation instructions for those who are interested in either experimenting with or contributing to CinelarTV

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For personal reasons I will move this topic to the CinelarTV Community, therefore I will not accept any more questions from here

Goodnight :hugs:



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