Clarification on AD Free Apps - Completely Free?

Hi Kodular Team,

Good day.

In the pricing section, you have mentioned the following model.

No Ads in Apps — Free. Forever.

Kindly Confirm us that, even if the user base (Number of installs) increase, there WON’T be any AD will be displayed in the App in the future.

Because, we have used similar kind of free apps developed in another platform. They told completely free and no ads. But now app install increased to 100+ users. Now they are displaying ADs (but the App is configured as No Ad in google play store ) and we are loosing our users.

Kindly confirm, It is completely free without any ADs even the user installs increases and any other criteria.

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I can confirm that Kodular is totally free to use and no ads will be displayed ever.

But…if you decide to use ads yourself and earn from your app, Kodular will start to display sometimes also ads.


Thanks for your quick reply Peter.

Best Regards

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