Clear Data In App

Can anybody let know me that how i clear data of my app in just one click in app.

I wanted to get knowledge about how to clear data of cache from in app Buttons without going in android settings.

You can do clear cache but not do clear data of your app

But, Also how i do clear my cache?

Use Taifun Files extension to delete the cache file.

In the path, enter this: Android/<your_app_package_name>/cache.

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Just delete this dir

Use filetools extension , use taifun extension &

Use file which is in built component

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Not all cache is stored at /android/package/cache (mainly a place where the developer shall store files that won’t need to always be redownloaded) which is why you should use an extension of your choice that allows you to clear cache.

No we clean a cache of app but we can not do clear data of app

These files are private file its only delete when user do clear data of app

I already said we can clear the cache but we can not do clear data

I don’t think I made myself clear. Not all cache is stored at that one directory, it is stored throughout the whole system. If you visit that directory from your file manager, not a single file will show with Kodular apps so it’s useless to delete it is my point.

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