CleartextTrafficPermitted issue

I have this same issue (copied from another post because mine is in spanish):
Since apk files are not allowed in Google Play and editing aab files, if possilbe, is far beyond my knowledge, is there any other way to solve this problem?
My only traffic of data is with Firebase. Is there a way to add with blocks “an ecrypted policy for specific domains”?
Please, help.
Thanks in advance.

But, I think apk files are allowed to upload on google play console… :thinking:

Yes, you are right, are allowed, but aab files are recommended.

I believe that you can use APKs as long as your apps were released in the Play Store before August 1, 2021.

And what about after that,… are not apk file alowed to upload… @dora_paz

Anyway, if this problem can be solved with blocks, is better than edit the apk each time you have to upload a new version to Google Play.

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may this helps you : Fix Cleartext Traffic Error in Android 9 Pie | by Rommer Cañete | Medium but it only works with apk.

And edit the manifest, so not so much help for me :frowning:

did you tried this? is this works for you @Zagal ??

Its the same at post 6.

Not I but the creator of this solution tried it and found usefull…

Yes, this is a solution for the problem in title of topic… but unfortunately not so useful for @Zagal as he wants to do the same (which I shared) with aab file not apk file…

He can modify the apk and convert the modified apk to aab file using my tool


I know that an apk file can be converted to aab file and I’m quite sure the manifest of the aab file can be edited, but what I said in the first post is that doing this is far beyond my knowledge, and even if I learn to do it, it is quite a job to do it every time a little change is made to an app. My app is quite simple related to manage data, it only uses a Firebase Realtime Database and downloads a few images from Cloudinary, nothing so complicated, so if I had this error, many others will have it too.

I had this error in a internal test aab file. The same file in production was approved after revision, so maybe this is related to Google’s new policy about private data management and is only a warning today, but will be mandatory after a few months. And maybe by this time, Kodular has solved and implemented the solution to this issue in a new version.

If not, everytime I make a little (or big) change to the app, if I have to make an apk file, edit its manifest and convert it to aab file for upload to Google Play Console and test it (and 80% of times I have to correct something) I think I´ll quit developing the app! :frowning:

If someone from @Kodular staff can say something about this, would be fantastic.

Thanks anyway to all of you for your help!

same in here. please make it real

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please can i get a tutorial video on how to modify the AAB file, i’m new please

Same problem