I need urgent support, please
google play refused my app

how can I do (cleartextTrafficPermitted)=“false”

First clearify your answer clearly

Which database you are using ?

I don’t know what do mean exactly
but I’m working in kodular with API 21

@Yash_Agarwal_376 means do you use firebase for example, airtable, MySql, etc…?

Because this error comes when you got data or something from user and not use a valid and secured database

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YES, I am use Firebase
how can i resolve it , please

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You can change it in manifest file. Use apk editor and change it.

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Please change the language to english @smsmelbaron…English is the community official lanuage…You can’t talk here with another language …

OK . thanks

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many thanks for your support :heart_eyes:

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You are welcome. If the answer helped you, kindly mark the answer as solution so that it may help others. :slight_smile: