Click cardview dynamic component and list url SpreedSheets

Hello everyone, I would like you to please help me with this code, I am calling the data from a google spreadsheet SpreedShreets, thanks to @Sain_SK for the tutorial, and I am also using the dynamic components extension. Thanks @yusufcihan.

I also have the urls in the spreadsheet.

I would like that when I click on the cardview it calls the corresponding urls that I have in the spreadsheet.

Thanks for the help.


show your blocks, where you are calling the spreadsheets. There by we can help you to solve your problem. By the by change the category to #discuss and not as #Koded apps

Ready. Thanks for reply.

If global Enlace contailns url’s then when any card view click set VisorWeb1.Home Url to select

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Hello friend, thank you for helping me, I tell you the following, when you do what you tell me, it shows me this error.

Try this, or if it doesn’t work please show the procedure that you create cardviews

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Thank you very much genius, if it worked for me, I owe you one. If you want, give me your paypal to send you a few dollars. :wink:

Changing the solution. This post is not the solution to your query.

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