Cannot Showing Data in Listview using Google Spreadsheets

Hello Coders,

I need your help

When I call data from google spreadsheet it will not be showing any data in ListView when I click on dynamic card view.

As I have also given the URL In CSV format also but the problem is when clicking on dynamic card view.


In my Listview, Google Spread Sheets Data is not showing.

Please Anyone help me

Post a screenshot of your global screens, do you put url’s in global screen variable ?

No, I have not put the URL in the global Screen


See Here in Global screen I have just list out the virtual screens horizontal arrangement listout.

So how do you expect to get spreadsheet ?

But here how can I list out the web component url. I don’t know that

Make a global variable with spreadsheet url’s and when any card view click add set web url above web get to select from global variable list using index

Like This???

Try and see

Not working Dora

Kindly use do it on the global googledrive variable to verify you are getting the data

See when I do it on global google drive it was showing the data but the problem i face is when I click on dynamic card view then google spreadsheet data is not showing

Problem was in designer, Horizontal arrangements were within vertical arrangement that was set to hidden once card view was clicked so even though data was received from spreadsheet and was passed to ListView you could not see it

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Ohh, that why I cannot see my data but now I can see a data in listview

Thanks dora for solving my problem.

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