How to call a data from google spreadsheet in customview layout?

How to call a data of google spreadsheet in customview layout i dont know how to call a data in customview layout please anyone tell me??

please tell me ??

Custom view mean? I know how to call but custom view…??? :thinking: :grinning:

I want to call a data from googlespreedsheet in dynamic view like dynamic image ,dynamic label like airtable. I have named a customview layout like that

any way please try this,

url must be :

Instead of * you can you any alphabets of the google sheet you can use but it shold contain data

Update: I have given only to extract data from googlesheet. Use your gsheet gid and api id properly

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but i want to call a data in dynamic image and dynamic label

instead of label use that card and try

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is this working of one column data or multiple column data in google sreedsheet??

Instead of * you can use any column like, A,B,C like.

It will work with multiple column

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