"Click" haptics support

Hi everyone,

I have been messing around with haptics on kodular.

I have a phone that supports the more “clicky” kind of vibration, but I have not found support in kodular for it yet. This is the best I can do:


I have seen a lot of other apps including this feature, so I think this should be included in a further update or in an extension.

My phone also has this “click” vibration, when I go into recent screens, press a key on the keyboard, or even open notifications.

I am not experienced in extension development, but it would be nice if someone could make an extension for me.

Thanks in advance, Inglan

Dear friend, I see it possible

I can develop an extension for it if u want :slight_smile:


@UnknownBeast Thank you, that would be nice!

I actually don’t know anything about making extentions

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