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how to add limit of clicking button to 10 times and also store in tinydb without any bugs after closing and open app its not for earning app

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@Kidular_user, You can just achieve this with few Blocks

Follow these Blocks

First, Create a variable and give the input value to be 0, Don’t give 0 as a text.

Second, Add Screen Initialization block

Finally, Add when button click block


S. Ir the when we close and open the app the click count should not change and after 24 hrs the clicks should be zero ill implement your answer to my question and check wait can you please share your contact info like insta or messenger

Sorry, but I can’t share my contact details, you can ask any questions in the community that’s why Kodular Community is made for and the question and solution here will help other Koders.

For you query, Yes the click count won’t change.

If you feel this has helped and your issue is solved , mark the above steps as the solution so that this can help others also.

No my issue not solved please help the limit needs to be refreshed at every 12 Indian time mid night please solve and give blocks

blocks (4)

Sadly my Companion is not working, try it and tell if it’s working.

Edit - Tested it and it’s working fine.


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i tested it and it’s working fine;
you can use API based Date,
So the User can not easily change Device Date and gain Extra Clicks.

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ok ill check thanks you will be kodular commmunity moderator soon congrats in advance

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