Click method for every clickable component

Hello devs
if possible then it will be great to add click method for every clickable component like label image and arrangement


benefits :-

  • if we want to click an arrangement which have a label inside then we need to set .click event for both but if we have .click method then it can be done easily with less blocks. it will save our time also

Kindly share some benefits of it with us.


wait i will edit first post

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You can connect a procedure block to available click events inside which you can place all your click logic. Simulating the click is as easy as calling the procedure wherever you want


I think this is possible by Procedures


Yes… But there is image method for buttons, then why not the labels, images, cards and arrangements. They are also clickable now.

Writing a procedure and calling that procedure for every click event is currently the only option available for components other than a button. Having this method available will be handy.


So before I put my thoughts here, I would like to ask a simple question to everyone.
Are both different?


Fun fact: The second method saves 2 blocks.

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Hope you have got your answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

But i want it for different work

How you want to use it?
An example please.

I have created a simple manual list using horizontal arrangements. A lable is inside every arrangement. But when user clicks on lable nothing happens. To set onclick event for every lable will be consist lot of blocks

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Then use the click event of HA.

Yes i want to do this
when call horizontal arrangement

Move Label Click blocks to HA’s click event.

Or it will be great if horizontal arrangement have full clickable block like card view

Hmmm… I don’t understand why

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Enable card property.


Exactly i also has faced this issue

Also set card view elevation to 0.

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