Click method for every clickable component

Yes i want to do this
when call horizontal arrangement

Move Label Click blocks to HA’s click event.

Or it will be great if horizontal arrangement have full clickable block like card view

Hmmm… I don’t understand why

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Enable card property.


Exactly i also has faced this issue

Also set card view elevation to 0.

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I mean full clickable property

You have to enable clickable.

HA doesn’t have this property :sweat_smile:

What is this? :thinking:


I mean enable Is Card property.


didn’t u say use card view???


you can try when any lable.Click Block.
Example : blocks
And if each lable is for different work and you want call lable.Click block then you have to set onclick event for each lable.

there is already an extension for this by @Ken, but it still needs to be published…


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He’s not looking to add a click Event block to a Component, he’s looking for a perform click method block.

Personally, I think it would be better to have a method block to ignore the Click and pass it to its Parent View.


It was added previously by @Mika on my Request. than removed again due to bugs.


I think you should add full clickable property in your upcoming extension :smiley:

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No i want to call different functions by clicking each lables

Now it’s possible using my extension:
Component tools extension

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