Clock format showing the following error

how can i fix this? please see

why “a” in last? dd,mm,yyyy hh,mm,ss a

Show us your full blocks

a is Am/pm marker, if you do not need it do not use it in your format


not working i have tried without ‘a’ also with ‘a’(default)

Show us your error…

okey wait a minute

Meanwhile refer this post

Kodular Creator - Google Chrome_4

Is the start date is in the same format just like you have mentioned in the end date???

yes same .

How do you save time in tinyDB ? Use Do it and post a screenshot



No you didn’t understand what dora said

Use Do it to debug your blocks, unless we see how you store data in tinyDB we can not help

Kodular Creator - Google Chrome_6
see i get data from mysql AND the drum index is 32

we ask you answer this query. Instead you are posting irrelevant blocks…IF do so, mod may delist the topic

Right click in the mouse over this select list item list and click DO it, then show us your result


Because your error clearly says, your details is not in the format


Thank you Solved this is my network fault Data not stored properly in mysql That’s why this happened

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