Clock not working well

I wants to show Admob interstitial ads when clock time completes but an error occurs when clock time complete the whole app restart automatically everytime. This happens in all my projects. Screenshot of my project block here . Please help me.

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Which error?

App restarts automatically everytime from Screen1

You need to provide more details and:arrow_heading_down:

hindiShayari.aia (81.8 KB)

AIA of my project

I’ve checked your AIA. There is no restart problem as you are saying. and clock is working fine that’s why you are able to change screen using clock.

I have tested my app for many times but it’s happening. When clock time complete the next and previous buttons of app stop working and app restarts from Screen1

Hello @ramrajput200021

Check this aia and screenshot for setup your ads only change ads id export app and check your ads are working and if you use timer on the ads so use with the button for show the ads but you need the load ads in button

testgooglefacebook (1).aia (2.0 KB)


If a clock’s time interval lower than the time which required to do action, the action (load ad) won’t work. Disable your timer when it fires and enable it when ad loaded.

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