Ads Showing issue

In this update, admob ads are showing very slow way compare to other platforms. It takes almost more than 12 seconds to load ads which is irritating for devolopers.If we made apps with a lots of screen, then users may not wait until the ads appear.

Why devolopers of kodular used protection layers on admob ads? ( This protection layer face a negative impact on kodular)

Why they don’t think it is a major issue?

Who work in this platform which have admob issue?

  1. If the app is installed from Google Play then ads are showed instantly
  2. Else, if it’s installed from APK, we proceed with the check

The reason with this is protecting our users
We don’t want a platform where users violate the policies of the services we have integrated (yeah, we got reports from apps which were violating Admob policies and we suspended their account)
Also, due to accounts association, some users might get their ads denied because other users which created apps with our platform violated Google policies

And we don’t want this to happen, as you may understand
Fair people doesn’t have to pay for the faults others made

EDIT: In other platforms, you risk to get your ads blocked as Google might think you are violating their guidelines when it’s other app


ads working good now

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Play store apps also showing slowly admob ads. But it’s ok no problem

Then tell it google…

I updated my app now but ads not showing

Then it’s because no ads are available at that time…
Why do you just complain us and don’t spam Admob forum with questions related with Error Code 3?

Just use logcat to know which is the problem…

Also, as I’ve already explained, the Error Code 3 is a matter of app quality…
Google has tons of better apps to display ads rather than a web-view app (which is what your app is in fact)
Also, it’s more than likely that your account has been flagged as a low quality publisher…

And if you want even more information, you can check this site to learn more about what advertisers want…

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Great Kodular