Admob and companion

I created an app and some users get the error code 3 from admob but others don’t.

The users that are able to show ads on the app are the old users (that downloaded the app from the first versions) while the new ones are unable to load ads.

When I try the app on my phone it shows me error code 3 as well but when I try it using companion it shows me the ads perfectly (test and real ads too).

So my question is: when I load ads on companion , the ads are from my admob profile or from the kodular/companion admob profile?
I’m totally ok with seeing ads for kodular but I need to know if the error comes from something wrong that I done while coding or not!

Thank you!

Please share apk…
Error code 3 :thinking:

Search the forum. There are topics about error code 3.

(Hint: app is low quality and Admob have no interest in showing ads in your updated version.)

What I don’t understand is why people who had the previous version of your app and have upgraded can see ads but people who have installed the newer version of app for the first time can’t see them. I should have thought that no one would be able to see them. Contact Admob to see if they can give you an explanation.

primo(8).apk (9.7 MB)

I searched the forum(why you people like saying “search the forum”? )

(Hint: Try to understand the question before replying)

I can’t understand why new people can’t see the ads. If I could understand I wouldn’t open this post , don’t you think?

Because so many people don’t search the forums. I did a quick search using “Admob error 3” and found various topics which include replies by Kodular staff.

“I can’t understand why new people can’t see the ads. If I could understand I wouldn’t open this post , don’t you think?”

I don’t know what you or others think. Every day multiple topics are made about the same thing over and over again.

As I suggested earlier, have you asked Admob about this? After all they are the ones providing you with the ads.

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Yes I asked admob and I’m waiting for an answer.
I searched in the forum but I didn’t find any post about error code 3 that appears only to some users.

But my main question was “when I load an ad using companion , is the ad mine (from my admob profile) or is companion’s?”

Oh and I forgot to say that you’re right to say “go search in the forum” if someone posts a question that was already posted.
But I think that before saying “search…” you should make sure that the question was already been posted/solved.

Please behave nicely.

Try to think of the consequence after saying this

No always, you may also search in google to see what you might do.

Try AdMob troubleshooter as well
try the troubleshooter:

Maybe check out some post on the community?

I am really sorry but I already seen all the links that you posted. I spent the last 2-3 days reading discussions about error code 3 not only in the kodular community forum but also on other forums (google’s forum , Reddit and others…).

But my main question is still “the ads that I see using companion are mine?”

I’m not sure. I have seen posts like this asked before but I forgot. You may wait for others to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

what is the app about?

Ok. I hope that someone knows…

The app is about jokes.

You press a button and it shows you a joke.
For now the jokes are only in English but later the users will be able to choose the language.

The ad that I tried to show is a banner on the bottom of the screen.