Admob ads stopped serving


In my app no test ads and live ads are showing.Iam getting an error code 1,no ads to show.I think the ads serving in app got blocked.But i cannot check it the login is with client.Just want know is this one calculate as request because i got a loop to requests ads again if got error code wrongly added.Does this leads to account suspension because account got other apps also

What have you done to find the solution to your question yourself? I see you have a read time of 3 minutes on the community.

i gone through the questions regarding many ad requests

In 3 minutes? :thinking:

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Admob banners were working but stopped again today, but they do work on kodular companion, maybe its the system and servers upgrade from kodular?

What was the output of ‘When ad failed to load’ block?

Now is asking for App aproval AGAIN, not sure if its a kodular server upgrade thing

Not sure because my last compiled version doesnt show admob error status, now i compiled a new version and cannot do anything because the app aproval message

Looks like you have to request approval from Kodular once more.
Don’t be shocked! Kodular can review your app anytime without knowing you any reason.

Can you please send your App ID? Also, have you logged in into It is needed to log-in once to apply the migration

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Hi Diego I think this is the app id:

I took it from aia’s screen1.scm file

Have you already accessed to, and went to

You hadn’t, I see now that the state has been changed
Check if it shows ads now

When i am trying to reach it says a 404 error.

Screenshot please

Diego, i didnt because i was allready logged in

Ok i logged in with your link (nice new page) and it started working again banners and interstitial are showing now (in compiled version), thanks Diego

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same problem with facebook ads
When i go to say email and password error

I think you should register again

and how my old project recover