Kodular admob bug?

So can we make earning app witch what we want to advertise other ad network that might be better solution people will have to pay small money and they can advertise here things , app , products and many more like a ad network yeah I will start working on it finally a great idea to do something that is much better but challenge at the same time that will not be problem right?

I can only say; Just don’t make apps which only contains ads, banner and with no content. I mean, if your app’s purpose is only serving ads, Kodular and Google won’t accept it.

If you think my app doesn’t have content out can try it yourself it’s in the play store and I have posted the like in the top

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I didn’t say anything to your app about no content. I said to everyone. :slight_smile:

But it is still earning app. So earning apps only serves ads to me. And this is forbidden.

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What is rewarded ads is for hmm…? To reward user right and what for ? To watch ad right ? So is it not good to use it in the app and giveing the warning o not click on it unless you are interested in it :thinking:

Rewarded ads can be used for mini games or apps such as watch video to get 100 coins. There are a lot of things to do without earning apps. You can’t say “I’m giving real money” because this is not secure and forbidden.

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Who is giving real money they will get only gift card

At least, you can’t convert digital products to real things.

Is Google gift card are real thing! Or digital?

You buying it with real money ----> You using it to buy digital products.

You need to go Google Developer Policy for your all questions. You will find which apps you can make, also which apps you can’t make:


No offense but, we don’t care about Thunkable, and honestly, don’t solve issues with their builder.

As many have said here, you’re not allowed to make Earning Apps with Ads… If you have a problem you can talk with my Google representative, the hand, my right one.


Hey you , for a week that I see you answer badly and criticize people and you never help anyone, if you have something that can help people write, if you can not help not write anything … We do not need your criticism.

Did you know: Criticism is the practice of judging the merits and faults of something. The judger is called a critic. To engage in criticism is to criticise One specific item of criticism is called a criticism or critique. Criticism is an evaluative or corrective exercise that can occur in any area of human life.


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: Didn’t notice I just got 50 solutions recently, how 'bout you?

IDK if you noticed, I sure did… I did help you, along with plenty of other people here but, it seems you don’t listen to them, so then people have to repeat it. Right?

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Help people…ok but you do not have to always answer badly, If you want to answer badly, do not help that maybe it’s better.

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Glad we’re on good terms… Now did we solve your issue? If not, I’m gonna have someone else take this topic over.

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Yeah, and Google can also suspend the whole Admob network in Kodular as we don’t do anything against those apps…


Yeah, but kodular is not only one app inventor, there have app builder, thunkable etc. Only kodular can’t stop it. I feel good for koduler this update but some legal app really facing ad problems

We can’t make a system that is secure against bad guys but easy for the good guys… So everyone has to get creative and make user stay in one page and interact with the app more to be able to show ads so that the ad publishers can get quality Traffic…

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But then you are risking to get suspended, as you are creating apps in other platforms which doesn’t perform any check, which can confuse Google bots and send false positives to your account
You can get less traffic, lower earnings, apps suspended and even more account suspension


Thank you for the help I appreciate it and from now on I will show only pronser ad like if somebody pay me to show there ad and not going to use admob in it .

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