Kodular admob bug?

Kodular devs I have some problem in my real account with is [email protected] I not able to join the kodular community and the actual problem witch is the main topic of this post is admob ads are not showing in my app and I know here is a rules and how to place the ad I did everything but my ads are not showing i can understand that admob sometime have this problem I think that the mean reason is the kodular website because when I’m trying o use Google test ad unit it’s also not showing.

Can you please fix this problem soon as you can that will be a help thank you love using your kodular to create app.


Can yoy publish your app on playstore.?
If no the first publish it and ads automatically will be displayed…

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My app is already in playstore here is the link

but ads are not showing what so ever

Nothing special, ads aren’t showing because it’s an earning app. :smirk:


Ok Mr.smart then why is this same thing happening o my wallpaper app and earning pp is not the case

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Because your admob account may now be flagged as an earning apps account
Consequently, it’s a low quality traffic
And that’s not what admob wants


And also if that is the case then why my other apps aren’t showing any ads and I should ell you this that my admob is working perfectly because I posted this app in the apptoid and it’s showing ads and I made that with thunkable

And if this is a case then why it’s not showing test ads now what you have to say now and for the heads up my placement is perfect so I don’t think that my app nor admob has a problem .

Great, you realized it yourself quiet early.

Ok wait a second, let the Mr. Smart think…
Hmm… So, after a detailed analysis, Mr. Smart have came to a conclusion that the reason is this :point_down: Special thanks to Diego.

No, you are wrong here. Mr. Smart already told you that your earning app is the case.


Then why is the testing ads are not working no hard feelings when I use thunkable it works but when I use kodular it won’t

Kodular Admob ads work fine for me…

I think the ads you see in the app made in thunkable were the ads played for the thunkable adunit… I think…

Kodular has admob filter which detects invalid clicks… I think you may be one in the list… ( I think)

Or as @Shreyash and @Diego said…

Your admob account may be under the review…

… Wait… I saw the first app which has “earning app” in the name… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Many people facing this problem, I also :unamused: while we are making legal apps. Sometimes ads show quickly but sometimes it’s take 15second to show. Kodular team should give us back old admob components. If people make illegal apps and use illegally admob ads, Google will suspend them. Kodular should not worry about that. Sorry to say Google have better security system then kodular do. Wish kodular team will understand it. Note: my apps ads showing fastly in my apps old version that I was made in kodular before 4feb kodular update, but in same apps new version ads come slowly​:pensive: (sorry for bad English)

So I should use other ad network ?

So what do you think about tapjoy this ad network is mostly use to create reward apps is it right?

And sorry if I say something bad it just work in this app for like 3 months so my mood is it good .

And I’m talking about tapjoy because I’m using it’s offerwall .

I was thinking to give people something that can help people in there daly use of some extra cash before I started making this app.

  1. Proof? Yes, Google has powerful security system. But I can’t say the same things about for Play Store & Play Protect. Play Store almost accepts all apps which even contains virus (proof: read news about that).
  1. Kodular can help to Google also for suspending illegal actions. So Google can be faster to stop illegal actions. (example: more antiviruses = less viruses) Why helping someone is a bad thing? You need to think from another dimension.
    If you create something for users, you need to stop illegal actions too, because, in the future, you may be responsible for illegal actions. We trying to stop illegal actions without starting.
  1. Don’t worry you won’t lose any money in 15 seconds. (If earning money is your the first purpose :unamused:) If you think 15 seconds is really important for you, use another ad network.
  1. Maybe you won’t make earning app after coming old AdMob components. But you are not alone here. If you don’t make earning apps, at least someone will do it. We won’t give chance to make earning apps to anyone. So it is better to change AdMob policies.

Maybe you are thinking for yourself, but you need to think about Kodular too. Kodular staff are trying to find the best choice for both the users and themselves. I hope you understand :slightly_smiling_face:


So can we make earning app witch what we want to advertise other ad network that might be better solution people will have to pay small money and they can advertise here things , app , products and many more like a ad network yeah I will start working on it finally a great idea to do something that is much better but challenge at the same time that will not be problem right?

I can only say; Just don’t make apps which only contains ads, banner and with no content. I mean, if your app’s purpose is only serving ads, Kodular and Google won’t accept it.

If you think my app doesn’t have content out can try it yourself it’s in the play store and I have posted the like in the top

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I didn’t say anything to your app about no content. I said to everyone. :slight_smile:

But it is still earning app. So earning apps only serves ads to me. And this is forbidden.

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What is rewarded ads is for hmm…? To reward user right and what for ? To watch ad right ? So is it not good to use it in the app and giveing the warning o not click on it unless you are interested in it :thinking:

Rewarded ads can be used for mini games or apps such as watch video to get 100 coins. There are a lot of things to do without earning apps. You can’t say “I’m giving real money” because this is not secure and forbidden.

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Who is giving real money they will get only gift card